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Earn rewards at any
restaurant, in one app

The super-app for rewards

Earn and track your points across our partnered restaurants. Save up for rewards and get free welcome gifts for joining new loyalties.

One app.
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All your rewards...

Grow your business with Forge

We market and host digital loyalty programs on our app that enhance your discoverability and retain more customers.

Restaurant & SMB Tools

Recurring Revenue

We make simplified, easy-to-use digital loyalty programs to improve customer retention.

Personalized Perks

Work with us to effortlessly craft a unique dining experience that keeps customers coming back.

Data Metrics

​Track important KPIs and customer metrics for your business operations using the Forge app.

Drive Sales

Build your loyalty program with Forge to attract new users and increase your order volumes.

User Interface

Using Forge Is Easy

Our workflow is the same for each of our 15+ restaurants:

Download our app, check-in to start earning points, and redeem rewards




Scan to Check In

Find your restaurant on the Home page or simply tap the Forge button to open a QR code scanner.

Swap Points for Perks

Once you've earned enough points, you'll be able to spend them and receive custom rewards for each restaurant!

Enjoy Exclusive Benefits

Show your reward in-store to pick it up!

While you're waiting, browse our other 15+ partnered restaurants for more deals.

Powering loyalty at

Backed by the Best

Backed by the Best

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