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Managing your restaurant is easier than ever with Forge's ecosystem of tools that help you control operations.

Powering the next generation of restaurants 

Join 100+ restaurants, hospitality groups, and dining enterprises growing faster than ever.  

Your branded "Starbucks" app, made 10x better to help you own your customers and grow profit.

Engage users. All your locations in one platform. 
Cut decision fatigue though notifications, special promos, targeted reminders, and more!

Discovery &  Engagement

Order Ahead & Delivery

Order via the app to skip the wait and pick-up in store or use our delivery APIs to get food at your doorstep with a few clicks.

Make Eating Social 

Connect and create your community with food

  • Social engagement

  • ​Compete for leaderboard rankings 

  • ​Check splitting

  • ​​Group ordering 

Dynamic Loyalty Programs

When your customers eat, they: 

  • Earn points to unlock great rewards

  • Purchase giftcards  & other memberships

  • Enjoy custom features

Our programs drive recurring visits, attract new customers, and  keep them locked. 



Simplifying back of house operations

Modern expense management

AI driven data + operational insights

Chargeback protection

  • Forge issues (digital & physical) corporate credit cards

  • Control spending, limit categories, and pay vendors in one platform. 

Restaurant financing & banking

  • No more manual spreadsheeting.

  • Upload receipts to log expenses and match digital transactions

  • Track spending from multiple locations

  • Algorithms analyze customer behavior to compile profiles and personalized recommendations

  • Optimize your spending, budgeting, and operations 

  • We help handle disputes and chargebacks

  • Track your canceled orders 

-- Chubby Group

"We love the UI and how fast Forge innovates! With Forge, our customers spend more every visit and we've optimized our operations."

-- T (Manager at NY Pizza)

Forge's software has been great for our store. In the last month, we tracked down and saved $2,000 a month on expenses to an outdated marketing agency "

What Our Customers Say

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